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McAndrews Sammel for District 4 Supervisor

Laura McAndrews Sammel is the CEO of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce who is running for District 4 Supervisor. With a passion for serving the community, Laura aims to bring positive change and improve the lives of residents in the district. Stay tuned for updates on her campaign.

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About Laura McAndrews Sammel

Laura McAndrews Sammel has been an active member of the Lake County community for over 17 years. She is currently serving as the CEO of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce, working closely with local businesses to create economic opportunities and growth. Laura is now running for District 4 Supervisor to bring her passion for community service to the next level.

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Upcoming Campaign Events

Stay tuned for information on upcoming campaign events, including meet and greet opportunities and community forums.


"As the incumbent District 4 supervisor, I'm proud and excited to endorse Laura as an agent of positive change for Lake County. Her business and management skills put her head and shoulders above the other candidates. County supervisor is a hard job. If you want Lake County to grow and prosper, as we all do, vote for Laura McAndrews Sammel. She's the best candidate, period."

Michael Green, Lake County Supervisor District 4


Headquarter's Hours:

Tuesday 5pm-7pm

Saturday 10am-11am & 1pm-2pm

Get to Know Laura

Learn more about Laura's background, experience, and vision for the district.

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